David S. Tharp, L.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncture
Licensed Herbal Therapist
Chattanooga, TN
Sewanee, TN

Licensed Acupuncture

There are many types of acupuncture available today.  With the current publicity acupuncture is getting it may be hard to choose a qualified professional.  Medical doctors can practice acupuncture in many states with little or no training.  To further confuse the issue  "chiropractic" acupuncture, which allows a chiropractor to needle with 200 hours of training, can be found in Tennessee as well as "dry needling" by physical therapists which is very aggressive and has no historical precedent as a therapy.   

A licensed acupuncturist must pass national board exams in point location, applied Chinese herbal therapies, and western medical therapies.  Individual states choose what title to allow an acupuncturist to practice under.  Currently in Tennessee this title is "licensed acupuncturist" or L.Ac.  While some providers may use the title DOM, D Ac., or doctor of oriental medicine, this is usually just an indicator they went to school in a state that awards this title for the same qualifications.  Make sure to question your acupuncturist about their training. 

As a nationally licensed acupuncturist David has completed a four year program in Oriental medicine which included over 1,000 clinical hours.  This is on top of comprehensive studies in Chinese herbal therapies, needling techniques, Western medical science, body work, and current theoretical studies in traditional Chinese medicine application.